Hotel description

The hotel is located 90 km from Simferopol highway. Don't be afraid of the distance from the capital, despite the distance, the road to "Tsargrad" will take You no more than an hour from MKAD. You will enjoy an unforgettable vacation in the suburbs!

Address: 142290, Spas-Teshilovo, Moscow Oblast, Serpukhov, Spas-Teshilovo, D. 3

Terms of stay

These rules of accommodation in hotel are general and can vary by room type. Please check the room description.

Booking cancellationза сутки до заезда
Extra bedsChildren under 6 years old stay free of charge, without providing additional space. Extra bed for child from 6 to 12 years - 2 100 rubles. Cot for children up to 3 years - 300 RUB./day.
PetsAcceptable accommodation with Pets weighing up to 3 kg (extra charge 1 200 roubles / night). Allowed Pets in the cottages, the weight to be agreed individually.
Accepted credit cardsVISA. MASTERCARD
Регистрация заездаЗаселение возможно только при наличии внутреннего паспорта гражданина РФ на каждого гостя в номере/коттедже, для детей до 14 лет- свидетельства о рождении. В случае отсутствия требуемых документов, в заселении может быть отказано.

Location, directions to the hotel

Moscow region, Serpukhov district, the village of Spas-Teshilovo, D. 3. Simferopol highway (90 km from MKAD on the speed strass, about 1 hour. The route of the railway transport to the country hotel "Tsargrad": By train: from Kursky station or stations Kalanchevskaya", "Tsaritsyno" (Moscow) to the station "Serpukhov" (indicating the direction of Serpukhov, Tula), then by bus No. 33 to the stop "Constantinople" or by taxi. The journey time on the train 1.5 hours, from Serpukhov to stop Tsargrad 30 minutes. Route bus transport to the country hotel "Tsargrad": By bus: from the metro station "South" (the first car from the center) exit in the direction of the shopping center "South" to the buses suburban areas. Bus No. 359 "Moscow - Pushchino" to the final stop Pushchino - "the Station", then you can take a taxi or bus No. 33 to the stop "Constantinople". The journey time from Moscow Pushchino - 1.5 hours, from Pushchino to stop "Constantinople" - 5 minutes. Bus 458 "Moscow - Serpukhov" to the final stop Serpukhov - "the Station", then you can take a taxi or bus No. 33 to the stop "Constantinople". The journey time from Moscow at Serpukhov - 1.5 - 2 hours, from Serpukhov to stop "Constantinople" - 30 minutes. The route of road transport to the country hotel "Tsargrad" 95 km from Moscow to Simferopol highway (M2) - fast track. Move approximately 80 km to the bridge over R. Eye Next, about 2 km before turning right at the roundabout (turn on "Pushchino" and "Constantinople Spas-Teshilovo") Up the junction, not stopping on the bridge, turn left at the sign "Tsargrad Spas-Teshilovo", after a descent from a small hill turn right (sign for "Constantinople Spas-Teshilovo") Continue straight, passing through villages Supper, Selina, Masarykovo - about 8 km before turning right towards country hotel "Tsargrad". The GPS coordinates are: N 54 50.295'.00" E 37 34.599' 00"

Important information

Center hotel Reservations: +7 (495) 989 23 88; +7 (495) 543 33 55, ,